I have an honour and privilege to welcome you at a renovated old shooting house. Rifle Club called also a Shooting Guild  was established in our town in 1775. In 1896 Guild in Piła purchased a premise under the construction of their residence in present Fryderyk Chopin street. The residence called also the Shooting House was build from members contributions with major financial support of the local government. Next to the Shooting House, the shooting range was build with twenty shooting stations, and shooting distance up to 175 meters. Between Shooting House and shooting range a new building was raised it was restaurant and café complex called the Colonade. Inside this impressive structure on the ground floor there was a beautiful dining room in which every Wednesday after the shooting practice the guild was meeting at the dinner. In the Park in which we are situated today musical concerts were taking place very often, it was a main cultural and recreational attraction of the city. During the February battles in 1945 the Colonade was burned and destroyed.

In the restaurant you can admire a stained glass panel presenting saint Sebastian, a commander of the Emperor Mark Aurelius Probus ( 276 – 282 ) Guard. Saint Sebastian is a patron of shooting guild, archers, Germany, injured in fights and soldiers. His suffering became an inspiration for many famous painters and sculptors such as Rubens, Veronese, Ribera.

We would like to wish you best possible impressions and experiences during your stay in this place.


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